Our Story

Having lived in the North Island for a number of years, the lure of the delightful Coromandel has finally brought us back to become part of Gavin’s family heritage. Gavin is the 6th generation Jeffcoat to live in the Northern Coromandel town of Colville.  In a new and exciting move, we are pleased to announce we have purchased the Coromandel Discovery bespoke touring business which specialises in minibus tours to the Coromandel Coastal Walkway. Between the two businesses we are confident we can help you explore our beautiful backyard and know you haven't left a stone unturned.

Our family arrived in the late 1800’s looking for a better life, settling into land draining, sawmilling and gum extraction. Generations followed with involvement in shipping, pharmacy, butchery and rural delivery.

The landscape has changed significantly over this period of time with harvested kauri replaced by manuka, manuka replaced by pine and now a combination exists as kauri restablish, pines are replanted and manuka is sought for honey gathering. Mussel and oyster farms proliferate the gulf and the region is now a hive of activity with tourists drawn to its unique location.

Our iconic family dwelling, located on the outskirts of Colville, was once part of the Tokatea Hotel, sitting high above Coromandel, serving pioneers and travellers. The house was relocated to its current site in 1914 after an expedition downhill via oxen and a barge. It harbours many stories and secrets over its time and is wrapped in family history. Our next years of life will now add yet another dimension to the history of the Jeffcoat family as we now carve our way with our modern ideas and values.

Old gold trails, quiet roads and forestry tracks proliferate the area and are ideal for bike riding.  Coupled with beautiful scenery and the ability to travel by electric bike to places you never thought possible, we are confident your experience will be truly memorable.